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About CityMetric

What is CityMetric?

More than half the world’s population now lives in a city. By the middle of the century, it’ll be 70 per cent. The site you’re reading exists to explore all the topics affecting that growing slice of humanity.

We’ve designed it with mobile devices in mind, to make it as easy as possible for our audience of city leaders, policy advocates, and passionate urbanists from around the world to access the most intriguing insights into the future of cities. 


Who is CityMetric?

CityMetric is a sister publication of the New Statesman, the British magazine that’s been at the forefront of political and cultural journalism since 1913.

The NS launched CityMetric in July 2014, with the goal of creating an urbanism magazine site that would take complicated and technical ideas from the world of city planning, and make them accessible to a mainstream audience. 


What topics do you write about?

Broadly, we’re interested in anything and everything that is shaping the world’s cities. 

Currently, our published articles live in one of five sections:

·         Business: finance, economics, and the intersection of cities with the corporate world.

·         Politics: how cities are planned, managed and governed.

·         Transport: planes, trains and automobiles—plus plenty of bicycles and mass transit.

·         Fabric: architecture, infrastructure, demographics—the physical make up of the cities around us.

·         Horizons: a place for ideas: past, present, and especially future.

The site also keeps tabs on the topics we’re covering most frequently, and lists them in the ‘trending’ section of the menu bar.


Which places do you write about?

Our remit is global. We’ve run stories about cities on every inhabited continent, from Medellín to Helsinki, Lagos to Adelaide.


Why don’t you publish comments on your articles?

Because internet comments have not, in our experience, tended to be fun.

That said, we’re all in favour of reader engagement—you can talk to us on our Twitter feed or our Facebook page, and there’s a pretty good chance we’ll talk back. 


Are you politically aligned?

CityMetric is editorially independent and not politically aligned or affiliated.   

That doesn’t mean you’ll never read an opinion here: but when you do, you’ll frequently spot its opposite, too.


Can I write for CityMetric?

We’re always looking for great story ideas, and are actively commissioning work from outside contributors. We’re particularly interested in hearing from potential contributors—whether you’re a professional journalist or a practitioner—in cities outside of London and New York.

We pay rates that are competitive with other digital-only magazines—if you pitched us in the past and were disappointed with our rates, please consider trying us again. 

To pitch us, send an email to CityMetric Editor Sommer Mathis with a brief description of your idea (no more than a few paragraphs), what your expertise is for writing about the subject, and include the names of secured or potential interviewees, if relevant. We aim to reply to all pitches within two or three days. However, we get a lot of pitches, so please send a follow-up email if you don’t hear from us within a week. If you still don’t hear back, it’s best to assume your pitch hasn’t been successful. 

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