This bike light projects a glowing green bike in front of you

By City Monitor Staff

The great thing about cyclists is how little space they take up, especially when compared with cars, buses and lorries. But their relative slightness comes with a downside: they’re harder to see, and fit neatly into that invisible slice of road known as the “blind spot”.

All kinds of fixes have been developed to tackle this problem. There’s an app, which warns drivers who also have the app that you’re approaching, and even a new type of lorry, kitted out with “proximity sensors” and cameras. But now there’s also this bike light, which basically projects a giant green image of a bike 6m in front of you, warning all road users that you’re on your way: 

Image: Blaze cycling. 

The “laserlight”, designed by the company Blaze, has the advantage that it doesn’t rely on the driver to download a cyclist safety app, or an immediate improvement of all the lorries on the road. It operates two lights – a standard bike light, and the fancy bike-shaped green laser. The laser projection is also clear even in bright surroundings, so makes you more visible even when your other lights are drowned out by street lighting. 

More than anything, though, it makes you feel very cool and important. One reviewer called it the “bat signal” light. Which says it all, really. 

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