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Europe / Finland

There were 1,000 Nicki Minaj cutouts on the steps of the Helsinki Cathedral this morning

Say, for the sake of argument, you had a Venn diagram, with one circle marked “city news”, and one marked “Nicki Minaj”. The overlap would be pretty slim, right? Non-existant, even?

Ha, no, because you reckoned without this story, which winged its way over to us from Finland today. 

You see, Helsinki Cathedral, a major landmark in the Finnish capital, was today invaded by a 1,000-strong parade of lifesize Nicki Minaj cutouts. Each was doing a squat, in a pose which you’ll recognise from the cover of Minaj’s “Anaconda” single. 

They lined up ominously on the cathedral’s steps like an army of invading aliens: 

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They are definitely watching you. Image: imgur.

The whole thing (this’ll shock you) was a marketing stunt. According to the Helsinki News, some of the cut-outs came with two tickets to the country’s Summer Up festival taped to their backs. The festival will be headlined by Minaj this year. 

Despite the rational explanation behind the stunt, there is still something horribly ominous about it: 

Did one of them just blink? Image: Summer Up. 

So, if festivals (or lifesize cutouts of squatting singers) are your bag, hot-foot your way over to Helsinki cathedral. Or, if, like us, the whole thing’s giving you the creeps, go look at some pictures of cats for a bit. 

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