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The new Star Wars trailer offers definitive proof that Canary Wharf tube station is actually in space

Rogue One is a Star Wars spin off about a bunch of good looking people in torn clothes working together to steal the blueprints for a big space ball called the Death Star. It’ll be released in December, and the first trailer just appeared on the internet. 

Anyway, at about 1:10, this happens:


Closely followed by this:

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All of which (yes, all of it) looks very familiar if you travel on London’s Jubilee line. That’s definitely a station on the eastern extension of the line, built in the late 1990s. 

But which one? There has been some debate on Twitter about this:



Although then again:

So, that seems to answer that.

If your idea of a good time is to watch lots of faceless men in identical suits who serve the forces of evil, then Canary Wharf is accessible via both the Jubilee line and the DLR.

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