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Here are our favourite weird city stories from 2015

Over Christmas, we’re rounding up the best of our work from 2015 so that you have something to read to kill time until New Year. Today, it’s all the slightly strange or random stories we couldn’t fit in elsewhere.

  • Why are so many people desperate to move to London – and why are so many others so desperate to leave? These billboards spread some light.
  • The strange story of the pile of New York subway cars at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.
  • ISIS, Daesh, or whatever you want to call them, seem to be pretty well entrenched in cities like Mosul and Raqqa. So how good are they at getting the bins emptied, and other mundane bits of municipal government?
  • The heartwarming tale of a developer who demolished a Kilburn pub withut planning permission – and was ordered to rebuild it, brick by brick.

So, this happened. Image: SimCity and the office of the president of Poland.

  • In 2002, Warsaw’s mayoral candidates all played a game of SimCity. The future president won.
  • Bayou Corne: the Louisiana town gradually being swallowed by a sink hole.
  • Economically speaking, Britain is losing three or four cities every year.

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  • That time Brighton’s beach was covered in body bags, to highlight the Mediterranean migrant crisis.
  • Is your local indie coffee shop at Starbucks in disguise?
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