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July 29, 2015

Here are our best articles on London, Britain and Europe

By City Monitor Staff

As of this week, CityMetric has been publishing for an entire year. In that time, we’ve published a slightly dizzying 1200 different articles, ranging from lengthy and highbrow academic essays, to lists of stuff we just happened to find funny.

To celebrate, we’ve decided to highlight a few of our favourites. So, here are the best articles we’ve published on London, Britain and the rest of Europe.



The week when London’s population finally overtook its previous peak

Barney Stringer

Has any other city in history bounced back from losing two and a quarter million people?


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The key role of heat network integration in creating one of London’s most sustainable buildings
The role of green bonds in financing the urban energy transition
The need to grow London's EV infrastructure at speed and scale

Drawing the boundaries

Jonn Elledge

10 ways of visualising London’s growth.


The ever changing city

CityMetric staff

These billboards shed light on why people are moving to London – and why others are leaving.



The Metrolink network, as it stood in 2014. Image: Transport for Greater Manchester.

Manchester Metrolink: six lessons for other cities

Jonn Elledge

Manchester has managed to do something that no other British city has done since London built its tube: created a real network, with all the multi-coloured Beck-style maps that implies. How did it do it?


All out!

Frankie Mullin

On Britain’s left, there’s growing talk of a national rent strike.


Everything you know about British train fares is wrong

John Band

The blame for the sky having fallen varies with the publication’s bias. The Guardian blames privatisation and profiteers; the Telegraph blames regulation and bureaucrats. Both are almost entirely wrong.


Trips around Europe

A Baltic odyssey

James O’Malley

A trip round Vilnius and Riga shows the other side of Britain’s debates over immigration and EU membership.


In France’s cities, public space risks becoming a women-free zone

Natasha Frost

“I realized that every single terrace that I passed only had men there, who looked at me as if I didn’t belong there. I couldn’t bear it.”


The hole in Bucharest that’s become a nature reserve

Michael Bird

The communists wanted a reservoir. The capitalists wanted a casino. The city got something else entirely.

Policies put to the test

CityMetric Staff.

In 2002, Warsaw’s mayoral candidates all competed in a game of SimCity – and the future president won.

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