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July 20, 2016updated 02 Aug 2021 9:37am

The Google Autocomplete Tour of Europe

By Charlie Terreni

Why is London called the Big Smoke

Why is London warmer

Did London Bridge fall down

Did London Bridge burn down

Did London 2012 inspire a generation

Did London get bombed in WWI


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Did Edinburgh get bombed in WW2

Did Edinburgh panda have baby

Did Edinburgh vote yes

Why is Edinburgh so windy

Why is Edinburgh castle purple


Did Liverpool win last night

Did Liverpool win tonight

Did Liverpool beat Dortmund

Why is Liverpool so rough


Is Dublin in the UK

Is Dublin in the EU

Why is Dublin so dangerous

Why is Dublin called the big smoke         

Did Dublin win today

Did Dublin win last night


Why is Paris Romantic

Why is Paris called the city of love

Is Paris a country

Did Paris have a wall around it

Did Paris fall to the Vikings

Did Paris die in Romeo & Juliet

Where is Paris Jackson


Why is Nice so expensive

Why is Nice Guys rated R

What is Nice guidelines

Is Nice expensive


Why is Lisbon the same time as London

Why is Lisbon so run down

Why is Berlin famous

Why is Berlin the capital of Germany

What is Berlin airlift

What is Berlin conference

What is Berlin wall

Did Berlin wall work

Did Berlin sprachschule


Is Florence in Tuscany

Is Florence in Italy

Why is Florence called Firenze

Why is Florence Nightingale famous

Why is Florence Nightingale a hero

Did Florence Nightingale invent anything

Did Florence Nightingale have any siblings

Did Florence Nightingale get married

Did Florence Griffith Joyner die


Is Kiev in Russia

Is Kiev dangerous

Is Kiev safe to travel to

Why is Kiev important

Why is Kiev fighting

Why is Kiev protesting

Why is Kiev revolting

Did Kiev shot down MH17


Why is Amsterdam called Amsterdam

Why is Amsterdam a sustainable city

Why is Amsterdam so expensive in May

Did Amsterdam ban weed


Why is Prague called the golden city

Why is Prague spring important

Is Prague in Europe

Did Prague get bombed in ww2

When did Prague gain independence

Why is Istanbul not the capital of Turkey

Why is Istanbul not Constantinople

Is Istanbul airport open

Is Istanbul airport safe


Is St Petersburg in Europe

Is St Petersburg in Russia

Is St Petersburg West of the urals

Why is St Petersburg called St Petersburg

When did St Petersburg become Petrograd

Why is St Petersburg metro so deep


Is Marbella so expensive

Why is Marbella famous

Where is Marbella bus station

Did Chloe go to Marbella

Did Sam cheat on Joey in Marbella

Didier Drogba Marbella

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