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December 26, 2014

The CityMetric top 30: Our favourite articles of 2014

By City Monitor Staff

And so this is Christmas. And what have you done?

Well, what CityMetric has done since we launched at the end of July is produced several hundred bits of top quality city-based content. That’s rather a lot – so here, in the spirit of looking back on the year that’s passed before beginning anew, are our favourites.

Maps, charts and visualisations

Image: CityMetric.

What would London’s new orbital rail link look like?

5 things we learned from maps of the Berlin Wall

These maps show US cities once the ice caps have melted

Content from our partners
The key role of heat network integration in creating one of London’s most sustainable buildings
The role of green bonds in financing the urban energy transition
The need to grow London's EV infrastructure at speed and scale

4 ways to visualise world migration

Driving in Europe is getting safer

Stuff we explained

Image: Getty.

What is a hub airport and why should you want one?

What are “smart motorways”?

What is a city, anyway?

Why housing is the single most important factor in Africa’s economic development

Bikes, trains and automobiles

Image: Let’s Bike It.

Latvian cyclists dressed up as cars to show how bikes cut traffic

Transport ideas we’re kind of relieved never took off

Los Angeles: A Tale of Two Bike Lanes

Manchester Metrolink: six lessons for other cities

The EU could create a 50km rail tunnel to link Helsinki and Tallinn

Cool new technologies

Image: Sung Woo Park.

These rotating benches become dry seats after rainstorms

New transparent solar panels could fit invisibly over windows and phone screens

Scientists have designed a “skin” that senses when concrete structures are damaged

Google’s driverless cars can’t spot potholes or drive in heavy rain

Public and private space

Image: Nico97492 on Flickr, reused under creative commons.

In France’s cities, public space risks becoming a women-free zone

An artist tried to photograph every CCTV camera around the edge of London’s congestion zone

The hole in Bucharest that’s become a nature reserve

Interviews with thinkers


Image: Lord Heseltine/HM Treasury.

“Buccaneering, wealth-creating families were replaced by councillors”: Lord Heseltine talks to CityMetric

Geoffrey West: The theoretical physicist with the grand unified theory of cities

Jim O’Neill on reviving England’s north

Justing McGuirk on skyscraper slums and informal cities

Strange stories

Image: Jesse Reed and Hamish Smyth.

Kickstarter raises $250,000 to reprint New York subway graphics manual in a single day

The US Army thinks it needs a plan to invade Lagos

The bed bug pandemic: a personal reflection

The town where goat-based arson is a Christmas tradition

The story of the world’s smallest skyscraper

Yes, they really have found alligators in the New York sewer system

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